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at the coal mine explosion site in west virginia. early this morning, rescue crews were finally able to get into that mine and another buildup of toxic gas forced them to evacuate. tom has more from montcoal, west virginia. >> reporter: as a thought, they were going to start making progression today and get answers into the fate of the four missing miners. and begin the recovery of the 49 others who were known to have died in the mine and yet all came to a crashing halt. the methane gas problem that plagued this search and recovery effort from day 1 reed its head. it was able to enter the mine and at 5:30 this morning, only four hours into that and after a four-mile journey deep into the mountains here of west virginia, the methane gas levels, which were believed to have been the cause of the explosion on monday which led to all of this disaster, again, went off the charts and to the point where it was risking another explosion, possibly the lives of the 32 researchers if they remained in the mine shaft. they were pulled out immediately and, again,
are with the west virginia community. may they rest in piece peace and may their families find comfort in the hard days ahead. >> reporter: seven hoping for miracles and hoping that trapped miners can beat the odds and are found alive. in west virginia, craig bosswell, fox news. >> the grieving families are upset that massy coal didn't notify them their loved ones were killed. instead, they heard from the government officials. one woman is hurt the company didn't call the family, even though the father worked for them for 17 years. he was set to retire in five weeks and now his family is trying to locate his remains. >> we looked for the up to and have yet to hear one. we're just continuing to pray and be strong for each other. we're tough people, we'll get through it. >> among the dead, three members of the same family, a man and two of his nephews were killed in the blast. >>> and go to www.myfoxdc.com for continuing coverage of the deadly mine explosion o. the website, you will find the latest on the rescue and recovery and presidents, the preside
. >>> rules to protect the blue crabs in virginia are working so well they may be extended. virginia regulators are considering keeping the catch restrictions. that includes a ban on scooping up hibernating females during the winter. a recent account found more blue crabs in the bay than any other times since 1997. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is responding to the controversy over illegal immigration after the passing of a law in arizona. we caught up with the governor and he shared what he believes would help virginia. >> what i think we need to do is get the federal laws working right. i think the federal government has failed the american people with border security, enforcement issues and there is frustration in virginia about enforcement of the laws and what they need to do is expand lawful immigration. >> governor mcdonnell talked about immigration on his regular appearance on radio. he said he hasn't read the arizona law but as a border state it has different problems than the commonwealth. >>> eric holder announced the government may challenge arizona's new law. he fea
are dealing in real terms and realistically, understand and these are tough. >> reporter: the west virginia governor spent a lot of time with the victims' families and told us that they're understanding of the delay. he told us the families have told him that they don't want to see anymore people die in the mine and if they have to take more time to vent that gas, the families are prepared to wait longer. >> is there anything else they can do besides banging on the pipes to see if the the four missing miners are alive? >> it's a good question, brian. a frustrated one for the rescuers. they have penetrated into the mine shaft and still can't get the gas out. what they're going to do in the next few hours is make use is of the one boring hole and the second is to be completed at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they going to lower a camera down the mine shaft and try to peer around into the rescue chambers the governor was talking about and there are four-day supplies of food, water and air in the chambers. if they can see one of the four missing men and able to
're following tonight. rescue teams in west virginia are heading underground once again to search for four missing miners. they're trying to get to a refuge chamber in hoping of finding those miners alive tonight. bob barnard is here with the latest on the deadly mine explosion. >> reporter: two rescue teams, a total of 16 men are right now back inside the mine looking for signs of life. but west virginia's governor says the grim task of recovering the dead is about to begin. the bodies of 18 coal miners killed in monday's explosion are still entombed in the upper big branch mine. rescue teams sent in to look for the four missing miners early this morning were forced out by smoke and carbon monoxide that has since been cleared. >> t'sthe good news. the not so good news was the borehole that was put in at the refuge chamber did not hit a void. it hit a solid pillar. so basically that hole that was drilled from the surface does no use to us at all. >> reporter: meaning they can't use a camera to see whether the missing miners made it to that safety chamber. >> if we didn't find anybody in th
safety troubles. now the heads of d.c. maryland and virginia are teaming up to personal ek get metro back on track. >> as almost everyone knows metro rail has had a terrible year. a fatal crash, work accident and derailments, federal regulators have put metro under the microscope and now there's a hen proposal for even more oversight. the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent much of an hour discussion metro state of issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel that changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the governor appoints. in d.c. the mayor appoints half, the city council appoints half. in virginia, the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time to be a little bit more hands on and we'll be working to either legislate it or -- >> reporter: the three executiv
be a witness too the murder of a college student from virginia. investigators want to talk to mccollum. they believe he was at an off campus party last week. a fight broke out and a gunman fired in to the crowd killing a man from virginia. houston police believe he is back here in the dc area. they also believe he's driving a 2005 dodge magnum with maryland license plates with the tag number 2edh 33. >>> funeral services were held today for a frostburg university student from waldorf. brandon carroll was shot to death a week ago. his friends and family gathered to remember his life. carroll was a standout basketball player at thomas stone high school. hall is charged with his death. another student was shot but survived. >>> police have arrested a fifth suspect in last month's drive by shooting in southeast that left four people dead. officers picked up 21-year-old jeffrey best this morning. two suspects were arrested the night of the shooting. two others arrested last week. they are all facing murder charges. the 14-year-old who was originally accused of being the driver of the
the driver to lose control and hit the parked bus. >>> virginia governor has approved the sale of nearly $500 million in bonds to fund transportation pro sex jects around the state. it will -- projects around the state. the governor has given the green light to the sale of $293 million of bonds in fiscal year 2011 and another 300 million through 2016. >>> service is back to normal on the green line tonight. a piece of track equipment broke down between fort totten and prince george station this morning causing delay. the equipment has been removed and service is back to normal. >>> a traffic alert in the district with roadwork expected to create some delays. this will impact traffic around several bridges including case, frederick douglas and south street bridge. the 11th street bridge will close for five minutes at a time and cambridge closed until early monday morning. for more on the details, go to myfoxdc.com and click on web links. >>> fox 5 working breaking news right now. sky fox high above a terrible accident in annapolis where a 3- year-old has been hit by a car. you can see law enfo
to teach gun safety to elementary school students is drying fire in virginia following a vote in the general assembly the state board of education is developing a class using the national rifle association's only safety guide lines. here's the debate. >> reporter: this was introduced by lindwood lewis. he is a delegate who represents parts of norfolk and rural areas. he says he wanted to allow elementary schools where gun owning is common place to teach gun safety. the nra has a gun safety program in use which it use as cartoon character called eddie the eagle. this bill tells virginia's department of education to incorporate the nra's program into any school plans it will develop and then go ahead and offer to these schools. >> let me ask you. shawn mentioned there are critics who don't think the nra should be there. >> some say the nra should not be the standard on this. students should be more concerned about reading and writing than learning about reloading. democrats amended this bill making sure anticrime groups are included, however bob mcdonald citing a typographical e
. transportation projects all over virginia are being audited right now. governor mcdonnell commissioned four independent audits to see if the state is using the best practices to deal with transportation issues. he says the audits will look at planning, maintenance, research and public private projects. the governor's office says the audits are expected to cost less than $500,000. >>> >>> if you haven't been outside lately you need to get out there. it is another gorgeous day out there. >> wait until the news is over. it will be a nice evening, too. a spring summer like day. just gorgeous. >> these are the somedays we don't get enough of. not too hot or chilly. last night we had a chilly start in -- and there were areas of frost and tonight we will have to watch for that again. that is a heads up for gardensers. the rest of us will be fine. we drop to 32 degrees last night at dulles. but it is so nice. we rebounded beautifully this afternoon. check out dulles at 68. we probably notice the breeze a little bit and still gusts to 20 but the winds will get lighter as we go through the evening ho
. the coach of the west virginia university basketball team, popular out there, started a family fund to provide scholarships for the children of the miners and delivered meals to the families. local grocery stores are taking donations. if you want to donate, go to our web site, myfoxdc.com. >>> we are watching a developing story in china. at least 600 people are dead after a series of strong earthquakes rattled western china. rescuers are digging with shovels and their bare hands searching through collapsed buildings in the province of qinghai. >> reporter: piles of rubble line the streets. rescue workers spring into action digging through the debris for survivors. the first quake struck before 8:00 in the morning local time centered in the tibetan area of western china. there were six trem blors in less than six hours, all registering 5.0 or higher. aid is pouring in. rescue crews unload the supplies to be sent out. others board planes to be taken to the area's most devastated. downed phone lines, strong winds and frequent aftershocks are major setbacks to the rescue efforts. hospit
for change following last week's deadly mine explosion. as you know, 29 west virginia miners were killed in the horrible blast. today the president called for immediate action to prevent the tragedy from happening again. jennifer davis has more details. >> reporter: president barack obama is ordering immediate inspections of all u.s. mines with troubling track records after receiving a report about last week's deadly explosion in west virginia. >> this isn't just about a single mine. this is about all of our mines. >> reporter: the massey energy company owns the mine where the explosion occurred. company officials say they have above average safety record but this new record calls their safety record deeply troubling. >> safety masters like massey have been able to put their bottom line above the safety of their workers, filing appeals instead of fixing safety problems. >> reporter: plenty of companies are running responsible mines, far too many are not. inspectors and enforcement will be dispatched to the most problematic mines. >> when my boys go to
. >>> today is the third anniversary of the mass shootings at virginia tech. the campus in richmond held a solemn ceremony remembering the victims that died. the bell rang 32 times, once for each of the students and faculty gunned down in 2007. governor mcdonnell lead the ceremony. the crowd observed a moment of silence. mcdonnell said during his term in office they will hold a virginia tech remembrance day after april 16th. >>> actor danny glover arrested at a local protest. why police were called in still ahead. >>> thousands of passengers worldwide are stuck in situations like this at the airport with no plane to board.  >>> staying on top of a developing story with travel plans and chaos all over the world. this is dulles. nearly ever flight heading to europe is canceled. late this afternoon, british airways announced it's canceling all flights two and from london today and tomorrow. the volcano began erupting wednesday sending smoke and ash miles into the air. now it's being pushed over some of the most busiest air routes in the world. fox's david lee miller has more on the travel
the meetings. just click on nuclear summit on our home page. >>> back inside that west virginia coal mine tonight, trying to recover more bodies. 29 men were killed a week ago, nine still remain inside. high levels of methane gas forced crews out sunday. federal crews arrived in montcoal today. >>> a ceremony held in honor of the victims. president barack obama also ordered all u.s. flags in west virginia be flown at half staff until sunset sunday. >>> a teenager will stand trial in a murder that's believed to have led to a deadly drive bishooting. there is enough evidence in the case against shaquan carter. he is charged with the murder of jordan howell. that started a chain of retaliation that ended with gunmen opening fire on a crowd of people who had just attended howe's funeral. four people were killed. >>> someone attacked a student inside a georgetown stairwell. it happened at 6:00 saturday evening. a man grabbed a student from behind in caokley hall. the victim managed to get away. repeated messages left went unreturned today. >>> a school bus part of a four car accident on connec
this year. >>> traffic in our area can be a nightmare. what is being done in virginia to ease the commuter crunch? plus, the apple ipad hasn't been released yet but it's the rage. tonight why one university is giving students the toy. ?aaaasqxpp >>> count down is on. two days until preordered i pads are shipped out. all full time students at seton hill university are getting i pads for the classroom next fall. most say they will use them to download textbooks. all freshman get make lab tops. students have -- mac laptops that will be upgraded. >>> google is on the april fool's bandwagon. you probably noticed a little name change there. the search even begin renamed itself after topeka kansas, just for today the mayor unofficially named it for the month of march. >>> the fox 5 morning news crew couldn't resist pulling a trick on one of our own. take a look. >> this says it's rocket rivers. >> what? that's not a 5-year-old. >> what is going on. >> what ithis? do we know. >> i have no idea. >> i thought this was your segment, tony. >> he loves to do basketball tricks and
picture in virginia and don't worry, it looks like that is going to hole off. a lot of that is not touching the ground at all and there is a lot of action, severe weather this evening is into the south from arkansas into parts of, you can see there, strong thunderstorms around jackson, mississippi, working towards tennessee and coming out of louisiana and that is going to be very, very active find -- tonight with severe weather. we had a lot of severe weather in texas and oklahoma and kansas and nebraska and colorado. it shifted to the east and this is what is tracking in our direction. there is going to be a lot of severe weather for tomorrow and this same system will roll in here tomorrow night into sunday and doesn't look like it's bringing us anything in the way of strong and severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch is what you're seeing in red. active out there this evening and at home, here we go 71 right now for washington, d.c. front royal, leesburg, winchester still lower to mid- 70s and across the bay, saint michaels and salisbury, lower to mid-60s. the win
, maryland, virginia and the federal government came together on capitol hill to talk about the response. >> depending on where you were you got somewhere between 30 and like 50 inches of snow depending on if you were in virginia or up in maryland and in the district, quite a range. i don't want to speak for anybody else but i don't think anybody was ready for that. >> the back-to-back blizzards closed schools and even the federal government. the record snowfall broke records more than 100 years old. >>> called the miracle rescue. crews saved 115 miners trapped for over a week in a flooded coal mine in china. some ate saw dust and strapped themselves to the walls with their belts to avoid drowning while they slept. 26 of them are in serious condition but amazingly none critical. the rescue work is not over ye 38 miners still trapped in the shaft. rescuers are confident though they can be saved. >> miracle an appropriate word. >>> a metro bus driver under arrest. you have to hear what police say he tried to do behind the wheel of that bus. >> a police off
that happened in virginia was the departing flight. not enough to make the case local. torry hanson pinned a note on the boy that said he was disturbed and she no longer wanted to keep him. >> there may be charges. there may not be charges. it's hard to put your finger on anything or any law that she has broken at this point. >> the state department says it's keeping a close eye on a troubling case. the russian officials say the state department shouldn't get involved since the boy is not an american citizen. russian officials are trying to decide if the boy should be sent back to the orphanage from which he was adopted. >>> chemical plumes forced a flight to make an emergency landing. it landed in iceland this morning. five crew members got sick complaining of dizziness or nausea. the airline sent another plane from london to pick up the passengers and continue the flight. >>> the white house announced president obama will travel to poland to attend the state funeral for poland's president. the president and his wife are lying in state. they died saturday along with 90 per people -- 90 pe
. there is a barricade situation in al sand rhea, virginia that caused major commuter problems today. police are negotiating with a man in an apartment on the 4800 block ofizen huh hower avenue. that apartmentuilding is right near the train tracks. and service for both lines have shut down earlier today causing big delays for customers. the trains are now running again. we have a crew headed to the scene we will keep you updated on the latest information. >>> and tough to beat the crowds. that is for sure. and beautiful weather. and of course it is the holiday weekend. and john henry live with more on the overwhelming crush of crowds. john? >> will, vick in washington for about 30 years. so this is my 30th cherry blossom. i have never seen crowds this thick. it took us about an hour to get through the last six spots to get through parking spots. realistically, metro is the only way to get here. i have a couple of metro tips if just a moment. >>> international airport. you got a bird's eye view of the cherry trees in full bloom. the trees at the title basin in washington. r francis williams o
to find out what he's planning. >> the 85th running of the virginia gold cup is going on this saturday at great meadow. the star of the event may not be a horse. it may be a cake thanks to this superstar. you probably recognize him, chef goldman, the ace of cakes in baltimore. you have been commissioned to do this wonderful cake. >> i sure have. >> reporter: how does someone that bakes cakes become a tv star. >> blow things up, act goofy and food network sees you doing it, you may get on tv. >> reporter: and if you can make great cakes. >> did we make this thing that spins around or hangs from the ceiling or looks like the gold cup. >> reporter: looks like the gold cup. brings us to the gold cup. they are having a cake decorating competition. we don't have much time left. tell me what it will look like. >> this is what it will look like. this is the gold cup. this is the basic shape going on here. we have to add all those little details and paint it. >> reporter: then -- >> edible crumbs. >> reporter: tips. >> cake from here to here. this ring is zero foam. this is rice crispy treats t
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)